H-Hour Workshop Editor Update-V 2.3.2

The latest version of our H-Hour Workshop Editor is available for download now.  Thanks goes out to the custom mappers for their reports on the prior Editor version.  We rely on our community to let us know when things need fixing or improving and you did not let us down.


What’s Changed in Workshop Editor V 2.3.2?

  • We updated the Water Volume Stance variables from integer to HHourStance enumerator
  • We added the missing Wood Ladder Top (Handle) Mesh
  • The wood ladder top mesh was set to default in the Wood Ladder Blueprint


Where do I get this Editor Version?

The links on our Workshop page have been updated to download the latest file version.  You can go to our Workshop Menu on the forums and download from there or from the link below:

H-Hour Workshop Editor V 2.3.2  Download


What is Current State with the Workshop Maps?

We are already testing those workshop maps that have been converted to UE4 4.19.  We hope to have a working beta build out to the mappers this week sometime so they can actually see their map inside H-Hour and continue to refine their workshop content.

MikeC, Newybond, Harry62 and SelflessOne have all submitted updated versions of some of their maps so a big thank you to them for testing the waters for everyone and helping us fine tune the Editor.  Any workshop maps ready during the beta period of our patch will be in the next public release so there will be some additional map content for everyone.

Our hope is that other custom maps that are fan favorites will return once the patch is released to the public.  If you don’t see your favorite map return, remember to encourage the custom mapper who created it to update his map so we can all have more selection as we move towards the PS4!