Upcoming Steam Release – 17 February 2020

Green up everyone! H-Hour: World’s Elite comes out of Early Access on February 17th!

Our upcoming release patch includes the final tweaks to our ranking frameworks, features and reported bugs. With the ranking changes, we will also be resetting stats and achievements which will allow everyone to start fresh on day 1.

For those who were previously part of our Early Access, we encourage you to check out H-Hour one more time after it officially releases. Many, many improvements have happened over the years to bring home this spiritual successor to the early SOCOM games.

For those who do not own the game, add H-Hour to your Steam Wish List so you are notified when the release goes live!

We could not have achieved this without the great work of our community developers, the custom map makers and the feedback received from our players during our Beta testing. Thank you one and all.


Features in full release:

  • One life and respawn game play
  • 6 official maps and free DLC pack of community maps (a mix of SOCOM recreations and original content)
  • 6 game modes including Elimination, Demolition, Breach, Sabotage, Suppression and Hostage Extraction for play with up to 16 players
  • 6 different characters with 4 camos each to select from
  • 4 dance moves to celebrate your kills
  • A variety of loadouts for weapons and equipment to carry on the battlefield
  • Action system to pickup weapons, open/close doors, plant/defuse bombs, melee, and dance
  • Guns hot activated when near enemy or on clicking right mouse fire button
  • Pick up ammo and equipment dropped by teammates
  • Ladder climb, Jump to climb & Vault on selected objects
  • Hud and compass in game
  • Spectate your teammates when dead
  • In game menus for Team Actions, Options and Weapons Inventory selections
  • Team VOIP & Text communication with channels defined for live and dead players
  • Unique Ranking system
  • MVP award at end of match
  • Lobby entry into matches to allow for Armory access, team switching and options setting
  • Game menus for Achievement, Player and Leaderboard stats tracking
  • Team kill management system
  • Multitude of anti-cheat tools including “Easy Anti-Cheat”
  • Support for LAN, User Created Rooms & Dedicated Servers
  • Servers support customizations such as weapon class or rank restrictions, allowing Vote to Kick, Friendly Fire, Proxy Chat, number of players and number of rounds per match, one life or respawn, game modes and map rotation, ranked or unranked play, controller only options, password protection and admin functions.
  • Custom tools for community map makers to create maps for addition to our DLC pack once approved