UE4 NEW Workshop Editor & Guide – 4.19.2

We have updated our site with the latest Workshop Editor and Workshop Guide for UE4 version 4.19.2.


H-Hour Community Mappers!

Please join us on the ride to PS4.  Download the latest tools and migrate your map to 4.19.2 now. Many benefits await you with this new engine. Find information on the engine changes here.


Need Help?

Feeling a bit lost?

  • Use the updated Workshop Guide; it really explains a lot about the mapping process.
  • Join the forums and post your issue so others can help!


Coming Soon

You can package your map in 4.19.2 , you can upload it to Steam but to merge your map, you need a working copy of H-Hour running 4.19.2.  Contact us if you finish your conversion and are ready for this next step.